– Initial Consultation


– Similar to One on One in person training but comfort in your own home with use of your computer


– Personalized Workouts with each session


– Available in 30- or 45-min sessions


– Option to choose Training only OR Training + Nutrition ( Hybrid Sessions)


– Accountability and Encouragement


– Training Mobile App Access for easy to view daily schedule and exercise videos available with Hybrid Sessions


– Help with Proper Form through Visual Cueing


– Unlimited personal access to me 24/7


– Please book a consult to purchase Sessions


Enjoy the freedom of virtual remote training via Skype or Facetime in real time.
Perfect for – telecommuters, busy professionals, travelers, newbies that aren’t
ready to get into the gym just yet- basically anyone with an internet connection.
​The key to reaching your fitness goals is consistency and consistency comes with
ease of access. Exercise in your favorite space with the tools you have on hand to
create an effective, efficient, and fun workout!

No gym dues, no crowds, no waiting for machines, no travel time – NO EXCUSES!


We’ll collaborate to create a unique and tailored workout with the intensity level
that’s right for you, using any equipment that’s available – your body weight,
home gyms, apartment gyms, swimming pools, outdoor spaces, handheld
weights, etc.

Whether you are interested in weight loss, overall fitness, bodybuilding, or
stress reduction, having a regular appointment with your certified personal
trainer is the best way to ensure that you safely exercise — for life. Available in
30/45 min packages


Virtual Personal Training:

  • Live one on one Virtual training 
  • No equipment required, but its recommended that you have some basics
  • Personalized Workouts with each 45- or 30-min session.
  • Very similar to One on One in person training but in the comfort of your own home or designated area
  • More cost effective and less travel
  • Accountability and Encouragement
  • Maintain Proper Form through Visual Cues 
  • Unlimited access to me 24/7
  • Please book a consult to purchase packages


Hybrid Virtual Personal Training + Online Coaching

Here you get the best of both worlds. Live virtual training + custom online training and nutrition coaching. We will meet virtually at our specified time where I will take you through your workout as if we were at the gym. No equipment is necessary but recommended to have some basics like bands and dumbbells. This program also includes access to the app, personal coaching, and your individualized nutrition and workout plan to follow on the days that I don’t see you virtually. Available in 30/45 min packages 


  • Initial Consultation
  • Biweekly check in via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.
  • An easy to follow program that will help improve your strength and physique.
  • Anytime around the clock access to me via the app messaging, phone, text and email as needed.
  • Individualized Workout plan according to your goals 
  • Demo videos of all exercises 
  • Individualized Nutrition and supplement plan with calorie and macronutrient targets that support your goals
  • Individualized Training program to follow on non-session days
  • Workout and body stat tracking and charting to help you see your progress
  • Personalized dashboard to see your programs, track results, etc. using the mobile or desktop versions of the GFIT 365 app
  • All your workouts and other reminders on an easy to use digital calendar
  • Email and/or push notifications for workouts and daily tasks
  • Unlimited access to me 24/7
  • Please book a consult to purchase packages