– Initial Consultation


2x Video, Phone, Email check-ins per month


Individualized Strength Training and Nutrition program


– Accountability and encouragement


– Training Mobile App Access for easy to view daily schedule and exercise videos


– Unlimited Personal access to me 24/7


– Available in monthly recurring (w/3mo Commitment) OR a Discounted Pay in Full 12 week


Whether you want to build a lean athletic body, build strength for a sport, become a bodybuilder, or just want to get strong for personal satisfaction, 

GFIT365 will create an online strength training AND nutrition program to fit your needs. Our strength training workout plans are ideal for anyone, including men, women, runners, athletes, and beginners and our nutrition plan is customizable according to your dietary need and or allergies.


Your program is customized for YOU and what you have available as far as equipment. You can complete your workouts at any time, meaning you can complete the strength training/cardio program at home, at the gym, or at any location, day or night. We work with clients in the USA, UK, Canada and many other countries. 

Your location does not matter; we can help you reach your goals anywhere you are.


As your online personal coach, I will design a Nutrition AND Resistance Strength Training program that is custom built to your needs and goals. The Strength and Nutrition program is custom to you and flexible to your changing situation. What this means is if you follow Paleo, Vegan, Atkins, or some other approach, I can customize a diet plan to that. If you do not have a preference, I will help you determine the best one for you.


 Each week you complete the week of workouts and track them via the app in your personalized dashboard. I will review your results, make adjustments, and provide any additional recommendations. Additionally, if you submit videos of you completing exercises, I will analyze your form and offer recommendations for improvement. On top of that, I am always available for support via the app messaging, phone, text and email as needed, 24/7.


** recurring charge, 30-day cancellation, no refunds if you cancel mid-month. 3-month minimum commitment 


What you get:

  • Initial consultation
  • 2x scheduled 20 min Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime video check-in per month
  • An easy to follow program that will help improve your strength and physique.
  • Individualized Workout plan according to your goals and what’s available to you.
  • Individualized Nutrition Meal plan made for you with calorie and macronutrient targets that will support your strength and appearance goals
  • How to Demo videos of all exercises in your program
  • Workout and body stat tracking and charting to help you easily see your progress
  • Personalized dashboard to see programs, track results, etc. using your mobile device or desktop version of the GFIT 365 training app
  • All your workouts and other reminders on an easy to use digital calendar
  • Email and/or push notifications for workouts and other tasks
  • Anytime around the clock access to me via the app messaging, phone, text and email as needed 24/7